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Testimonials 2019


By: Gino Kaye of Reputation Marketing Leaders


"I spoke with Jacque for almost an hour about her business and the services she provides. Her vast background with networking and membership groups is quite impressive. I especially like the process she has for identifying the needs of a business owner and then how she works with them to identify how to maximize their connections & networking. Very intelligent process for creating maximum value and developing profitable strategic alliances. Happy to recommend her!"


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Testimonial about Global Vision and Direction

from a fellow mentored in Uganda -  many call me "mother", a cultural norm


"Concerning the way i got your name in the first place, I think it's God who brought us together for a reason, let me tell you mother, I never knew you. And no one introduced you to me but this is what happened, some times back I was praying to have an international friend and one day I dreamt that a certain widow came to me, she was a white and very poor but the woman gave me a small stone, it was precious and looks to be very expensive for any other person to buy it. She told me, this is what I should do for you my son so that the life of many people would be saved. It was a miraculous dream, and from that day I went as far as start looking for this friend but there was no way I could start getting into a chat with international people around the world. One day after buying my smartphone, I found my self in an app called LinkedIn, I installed it and found many people that I could never I margin, big people and immediately I remembered my dream, there were thousands of people online but I found my self choosing you among thousands. I didn't know your status, or what you were doing, I started following you every day, your quotes were so wonderful, full of wisdom and knowledge, I developed love for you until i had to write to you, requesting to be your friend. You responded to me immediately as if we have been friends earlier. Your concern about me impressed me so much. 


I believe its not a mistake for us to meet, you may have nothing in your hand personally to support me and the rest whom I'm so much thinking off, but God will use you to create a mazing strategy that will save the life of many people and afterwards you will rest in peace when your allocated time comes. Its very difficult to have people like you, those with global vision, basing in spreading love and peace. You may not be so much on religious basis  directly but you are serving children of God global wide and God will be happy.

Personally, I'm seeking for the way that the life of these young people suffering could be improved and create some good foundation for the younger generation. Where to start has been my prayer.

So mother thank you so much for your great concern, I never had any qualification to share Ideas with you but you humbled and brought me up. God bless you.

I welcome any advise or Idea.
Regards; Enasu Edmond"

November 2018 Testimonial for new Jumpstart Program

A fellow Network Together, financial advisor friend, recently  enjoyed the new Jumpstart Program. He was most impressed about a strategy for creating Strategic Partners, who empower you and take you to YOUR target audience, together. He also commented, "Where were you 5 years ago when I started my business?" See how the Jumpstart Program can assist your business.







July 2017

Donald Wilde

1:38 PM (57 minutes ago)







You are UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. :) You could not have come up with a more
perfect collaborator for me than Robert.

Donald Wilde,



April 2016

From Ashley Luther – Becoming Your Best You; Health and Wellness Coach
on the Jumpstart Program


The Jumpstart session was wonderful! I could have kept going! It definitely presented a useful way to make more business, and I am grateful to be able to incorporate it into my networking plan. The system is great, very efficient and organized. It also opened new areas of interest and collaboration for me. I was even able to practice the system. I loved this.


I enjoyed the 4 card analysis and analyzing the cards for strategic partner alliances, resources. It was so great to brainstorm together on my 30 second story ideas as well. Incredibly helpful.

No improvements needed, I loved every minute.


May 2015


Dr. Amy Rosner, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Here’s a testimonial for you:


Jacque offers a unique philosophy and strategy to completely transform your networking, resulting in greatly increased efficiency of time spent meeting new possible referral sources. She works with individuals and groups, and both of these approaches have value. Individual coaching with her has helped me understand specifically what types of networking I benefit from most and what referral sources help me most. I was surprised to find that some of the referral sources I thought would work out great for me did not at all, whereas others I didn’t expect wound up being very lucrative. An added benefit was that Jacque helped me get a better, more concrete handle on the direction in which I really wanted to take my business. Her group classes have introduced me to wonderful referral sources and clients and have opened me up to new opportunities for collaboration. Every session and class with Jacque has resulted in a positive ROI for me - often greatly so. I am my business - just me - so spending less time networking and getting more business from the little I do has bought me more time for both my business and my personal life. I get to spend more time being creative and growing professionally, and I have more time to spend doing things I love with people I love. Jacque has helped me create a balance in my life that is essential to my happiness, and I love, love, love the results. She is a connector extraordinaire whom I would recommend to anyone in business or needing to make contacts for any reason. Thanks, Jacque!



Patricia J. Munson

President and Founder

Munson and Associates

Platinum Conference and Event Center

Dimensions In Discovery, Inc.

And founder of



There are speakers that have the ability to inspire, some assist us to believe in ourselves, some entertain and still others educate us.  Jaclyn Zoccoli is blessed with the talent to do all of these.  She engages people in the subject matter and then enrolls them in her process.  Whether she is teaching good business practices, how to interview for your dream job or how to turn your business cards into gold; she is always worth the listener’s time and attention. As well as a good communicator, Jacque is sensitive to her audience and their needs, provides really fabulous handouts and is always in time-integrity.  I have been both a student and have engaged her services and she always exceeds expectation.




Jacque Zoccoli

I first heard Jacque speak at a Bay Area Council Meeting (ABWA) about 3 or so years ago.  I was so impressed with her!  I have heard her speak numerous times since and she never fails to impress and inform me and others.   She always keeps the audience in the palm of her hand with her down to earth and direct speaking skills.

Jacque has spoken to the Sonoma County Charter Chapter of ABWA twice.  We were lucky enough to “win” her both times.   She is fabulous!  She gets energy out of our members and seems to relate to each of us on a one to one basis.  After our chapter heard her speak the first time, no one missed the second.  She is funny, bright and knowledgeable.  I think she would be an asset to any speaking engagement.


Brenda Shahan

BAC Chair 2010

Sonoma County Charter Chapter ABWA


Thank you for your very valuable time, Jacque! Your coaching style is gracious and puts your "student" at ease. You have a way of tapping into our strengths and not drawing attention to our weaknesses. I'm sure that even when you have to do that with us, we'll somehow feel that we've had a compliment!


Thanks again for the encouragement, the direction and the assignment. I'm working on it!


Denise Blazina

Testimonial for Jaclyn Zoccoli:


NETWORKING is Jacque Zoccoli’s specialty. I was introduced to Jacque at one of the ABWA functions. I was intrigued with her expertise and command of promoting small businesses, since I have a home-based business.


To meet with me for several sessions,  Jacque suggested we meet in Oakland, which was half way between Tracy, where she lives & Napa, where I live. We had several intensive sessions over lunch. At this time, I had become a ‘fan’ of Jacque’s and enrolled in an all day event in Tracy...

Women Celebrating Women Conference. Wow, that was so well prepared. There were about 40 women, all eager to learn, like I was. Jacque instinctively, encouraged us to share our businesses & see how we could help each other out. By the end of the day, we had a wealth of information to help us and had bonded with many of the participants, as well. Jacque has always been available by phone or email with answers to my questions or suggestions & definitely, words of encouragement. I have great resources that she has made available. All I have to do is follow & use the sources she’s made available to us.


I am so moved at how easily Jacque makes her presentation, drawing ideas and involvement from her audience. Jacque is caring, very professional and will do whatever she can to help you. I look forward to hearing her speak whenever I can.


Trudy King

ABWA Member

Juice Plus Distributor


Carolyn CJ Jones has endorsed your work as Owner at Success Connection.

Dear Jaclyn,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I had the occasion to hire Jacque to assist in my networking abilities. Within minutes of starting the conversation, she was offering me resources to contact. Each contact has turned out to further my business and the work I am doing with veterans. I cannot recommend Jacque enough. She is direct, right to the point, and gets to the heart of the matter with her tremendous wealth of information and networking contacts."
Service Category: speaker/coach



I have had the decided pleasure and delight to work with Jacque Zoccoli as her coaching client. I came to her somewhat unfocused. With Jacque’s assistance, I have been able to become on target with my follow-through, and my ability to keep focused on one task at a time has increased dramatically. In addition to results such as these, I have received the benefit of her resource network. She has supplied me with what are turning out to be very valuable resources, and with her guidance, I have been able to contact them all. I highly recommend Jacque to you.

Carolyn CJ Jones
The Gate Lady Coaching 

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I had the occasion to hire Jacque to assist in my networking abilities. Within minutes of starting, she was offering me resources to contact. Each contact has turned out to further my business and the work I am doing with veterans. I cannot recommend Jacque enough. She is direct, right to the point, and gets to the heart of the matter with her tremendous wealth of information and networking contacts. Carolyn CJ Jones, writer and speaker