Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections
Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections 

Networking and Personal Development Speaking Topics


There are many topics that will explore relationship development, from the first word to campaign strategies together.

  • Mastering Word of Mouth Marketing - half hour or 2 hour workshop. This explores HOW to become Word of Mouth, through alliances. It also spotlights projects to do with new alliances to become Word of Mouth.
  • Preparing to Meet The Stranger - how to prepare for the networking event.
  • Developing Elevator Speeches to Be Remembered - interactive discussion of what to include in an elevator (or brief) speech.
  • How to Assure the First Contact is Profitable - looking at the first meeting and making sure it leads to profits.
  • Following Up on Meetings - how to screen and then follow-up with contacts met.
  • That First Follow-Up Meeting - how to make one-on-ones very profitable so time is not wasted for both of you.
  • Partnering With Alliances For Profit - exploration of possible campaigns that can be created between committed alliances.
  • Turning Business Cards to Gold - a composite of previous choices, that explains the principles of relationship building and the necessities of following up.
  • Making Exhibitor/Vendor Experiences Profitable - taking advantage of interactions at trade fairs and expos.
  • Unique Presentations for Groups - NEW! Realtor, Mortgage, sales teams from any business; we can taylor Turning Business Cards to Gold to include workbooks, exercises, and focused work on turning present customers into profitable alliances, or collected cards into money.

Life Perspectives Speaking Topics

Speaking topics on general life situations, include:

  • Finding Sunshine In A Very Deep Hole - ways to make life more positive.
  • Up a Creek WITH a Paddle - The African Experience - feeling the Peace Corps experience in Liberia, West Africa.
  • So You Want to Start A Business! - tips and thoughts about starting a business, to prepare psychologically. This is a reality check.
  • Igniting the Spark In Your Association - brings new life and perspectives to groups, ways to be more pro-active and positive.

Contact us to schedule speaking engagements. Keynote, break-out, group training; seminars and workshops, webinars; all are encouraged.



At Events And Workshops

  • At events:
    30 minute or 15 minute "warm up" or "Networking on Purpose", before the event, prepares them for a successful and planned strategy at the event. Complimentary.
    Vendor Shows 
    - expo or mixer with booths - I provide a conference call for vendors beforehand to have booth desireable, and their experience profitable. $50.
  • Workshops:
    $150 for an hour - charge everyone $10, and it's done
    Topics - 
    The Excitement of Awareness - taking collected business cards, seeing the value of them, then creating a strategy to turn them into Word of Mouth teams. Attendees each bring 4 cards for me to explain why and how to relate to these hidden alliances. Typically only a handful remember to bring the cards, that's ok. The interaction I do teaches everyone.
    MasterMind 101 - get into tables of 6 each, according to same target audience (Small Business Owner, Home/Family, Women, Health, Entertainment, Baby Boomer).Then there's an excercise where each person is told (by every other person at the table) key things about their Elevator talk, their need, and then given referrals right there.
    Mixin' It Up - interactions that practice at event activities. We go through talking to individuals at a networking event, handshake, eye contact, and the two areas where everyone judges you - testimonials (shout outs), and your elevator introduction.
    Following Up - from logging cards after the event, to calling/emailing  to follow up, to the one on one in person: how to, when to, why to, and action items to take away from the one on one.
    Alliance Joint Projects - uncover targeted events to do together - toward same target audience. Typically they bring their alliances to the workshop. If not, we pair them up while there.
    When Should I Refer You? - we explore the "triggers" each of us knows, though the group does not. We share "the best words that should tell you to send them to me are". Great for groups too comfortable in routine referring.

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I had the occasion to hire Jacque to assist in my networking abilities. Within minutes of starting, she was offering me resources to contact. Each contact has turned out to further my business and the work I am doing with veterans. I cannot recommend Jacque enough. She is direct, right to the point, and gets to the heart of the matter with her tremendous wealth of information and networking contacts. Carolyn CJ Jones, writer and speaker