Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections
Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections 

Influence Broker

Network Builders Arizona specializes in bringing alliances to your business. Whatever stage you are in, whatever project phase, we will locate the best alliance for you - vet them, introduce them to you, and make them a successful member of your team.


Examples of how this has worked:

  • A non profit in Nigeria wishes to establish an Eco City, as a template for the world communities.  (Operation Heart to Heart) After we assessed the scope of the project, we located the best players to enhance success. A retainer fee was paid, then the alliances were found. They are first vetted, then formally introduced to the respective team members. Each alliance is paid for, ahead of time. The success of the relationship hinges on the right fit, and the interactions of both parties.
  • A Green Agribusiness wishes to provide self-sustainable water, and food resources globally. After assesment, we went in and introduced them to the key players in the Nigerian Operation Heart to Heart project. They in turn are now an integral part of the Eco City sustainability. Future locations will be selected upon completion of the Nigerian effort.
  • An Agribusiness that also includes buildings, roads, solar - after collecting the needs, we will focus on the best start in alliances. In this case the countries are many, and it's a matter of creating the best team.

If you have a project globally or locally that needs an Influence Broker, please contact us for a proposal.

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I had the occasion to hire Jacque to assist in my networking abilities. Within minutes of starting, she was offering me resources to contact. Each contact has turned out to further my business and the work I am doing with veterans. I cannot recommend Jacque enough. She is direct, right to the point, and gets to the heart of the matter with her tremendous wealth of information and networking contacts. Carolyn CJ Jones, writer and speaker

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