Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections
Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections 

Events of Interest

In Arizona:

Speaking engagements at Networking Together events, here is the schedule:


Monday, May 16th; Noon - Sparking Alliances For Results!
Come meet with us at our Mesa Grand chapter and develop your prosperity consciousness! Each week is different, so don’t expect the same ole’ same ole’.
Every Monday of each month from Noon – 1:30PM We meet at The HUB Restaurant on Stapley.



 In the World!!! 
Newly created Conscious Collective for Peace, is taking collaboration of non profits to a new depth. Worldwide we are listening and bringing to attention the individual voice, through video ( Look for our new developments in adding other NGOs to our team. Go to Life Story Library website for updates.


Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative
196 Peace Ambassadors gathered. They created a Master Action Plan (MAP) to bring back to their countries to increase the level of love, prosperity and peace worldwide.


WHO do you know in a foreign country, or from a foreign country and lives in the US, who wishes to also increase love, prosperity and peace worldwide? email me please 


Assist in the solution!!!! With your financial support, we will accomplish our purpose. Consider the feeling inside knowing you are part of the solution!!!


Here's what it's all about




We knew we could count you!






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