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2020 Events and Specials

ALL of February - Uncovering Your Own Database Wealth

ALL of February - online, anywhere in the world!!! After a complimentary Clarity from Chaos session online brainstorming, do the Jumpstart Program. Here we both uncover people in your own database who are really effective alliance prospects. This is recorded, with a workbook and strategy on HOW to convert those people from merely names and numbers to Word of Mouthpieces. Then YOU and Jacque Zoccoli do it together. Included is at least one alliance prospect from Jacque's database.


Go to the scheduling calendar at then put into comments "Jumpstart" if not just a Clarity from Chaos

In Arizona 2019

December - End of Year Uncovering YOUR Gold


Prepare for 2020 with what you already have, though have forgotten! The Jumpstart session will uncover hidden alliances in your own database (you learn how to uncover them). We then give you a strategy on how to make those people valuable, and YOU Word of Mouth. Schedule your session before January 1st, and receive 2 referrals. When 2020 arrives, you will be ready to put strategy into gear and prospects will get in line. Schedule a time at and put "Jumpstart" in the comments.

$10,000,000 Grant - Early Learners, Bilingual Eligibility

If you interface with youth, especially preschool through 3rd grade. consider this grant for a gamified literacy app. This learning tool guides children through the 8 learning modalities, over 7K video features, and incredible curriculum, getting to 3rd grade level in 90 days! To learn if you qualify, and see the amazing results, go to For results click here. Or schedule your own/team webinar at

In Arizona 2020

From Alliances to ONE Humanity

This full day workshop takes alliance teams from building a strategy together, to finding out the secrets of relationship building. Word of Mouth Strategist, Jaclyn Zoccoli, and Julie Christopher of Biztuition, team up to uncover the intuition residing in us all. Bring an alliance, explore your commonalities and ways to blend then excel as a team. 

  • Results will be to get a strategy for new projects with your favorite alliance
  • Through the "i" in Integrity session, uncover why relationships often crumble and how to bring them back strong.
  • The Biztuition session will bring awareness to the value of using hidden intuitions for business.
  • A guest speaker with then show how to blend personal and business through face to face alliance building.
  • Come with your favorite alliance, leave with a strong and strategic plan to expand your businesses together.
  • Date and location are in January, and yet to be determined. Contact us for involvement

In California 2019:

Saturday - May 25th 2019

Unleashing the Brilliance of Women in Leadership Conference

Jacque Zoccoli is assisting Chinyere Nnodim Jack in creating an amazing one day conference in Modesto, CA.

It brings together about 8 topic areas that interest women and adds resources and insights via panels, guest speakers, and a keynote speaker. It is filled with enlightenment, motivation, networking of course, and an exchange of resources that lead to action and success. Come for all of that PLUS a continental breakfast and lunch. It's at the Modesto Centre Plaza - 1000 L Street, Modesto. It's 9 - 4pm. ONLY $35. Please reserve as a vendor or guest on the WLCNORCAL website. The facebook page for up to date information is "2019 Women's Leadership Conference". Your Brilliance is welcome!!!











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