Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections
Network Builders Arizona - Creating Strategic Connections 

Our Client Base

Network Builders Arizona specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses, to find alliances who will share morals, goals, and resources - driving to amazing success together. 


Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • A webdeveloper and marketing business who exploded their web development through new interations with present customers. These "cheerleaders" saw the possibilities of sharing their customers as a win-win venture. Both the web developer and past customers explored existing resources and unearthened new ways to have a web presence.
  • A financial planning group found their strongest customer as a huge resource. His background and sphere of influence, once made available to the planner, offered new clients. It also offered new investments so far untapped.
  • A spiritual coach - by tapping into the lives of other types of coaches, she found a brand new resource. The same target audience was shared, and women very committed to change, now had more choices.
  • A sculptor - seeking marketing assistance and world peace, was able to connect to spiritual coaches, and other artists who already market themselves well.

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I had the occasion to hire Jacque to assist in my networking abilities. Within minutes of starting, she was offering me resources to contact. Each contact has turned out to further my business and the work I am doing with veterans. I cannot recommend Jacque enough. She is direct, right to the point, and gets to the heart of the matter with her tremendous wealth of information and networking contacts. Carolyn CJ Jones, writer and speaker

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